New Erasmus+ project (2019-2021)

Our school has started with a new Erasmus+-project!

This time our topic is Sustainability. With our partner schools from Spain (Palma), Germany (Rensburg), Turkey (Ankara), Finland (Kokkola) and Hungary (Budapest) we work on the question of how we can preserve what we love about Europe’s nature and culture.

As a kick-off we launched the international logo competition. Each partner school sends in two logos. The final winner will be on all our documents!

Team Erasmus+ says a big Thank you to seven classes and their arts teachers who participated in the first step of the competition: Cheers to Prof. Steinkellner (6h, 6s), Prof Wackerle (2b, 6g, 7bc) and Prof. Wagner (5e, 5bc).

It was really hard to choose only two school winners! Finally, the logos of Ried Verdino (6h) and Marcell Milo-Sidlo (6s) were chosen for the international competition! Congratulations!