Text project week Vienna

In February 2020 our school proudly hosted the first project week of our current Erasmus+ project. For a week, over 60 international guests from Ankara, Kokkola, Budapest, Rensburg and Palma were here to work with our Viennese students on the topic of Preserving Europe for a better future.


In Vienna, we invited our guests to think about what sustainability means in the context of the preservation of history. What are the learnings from the past we must not forget when heading towards a European future?


We reflected on how personal stories are connected to the bigger historical picture and how we can shape our perspectives on the future by looking at the stories and history around us!


We combined the rich history of our school as former Nazi prison and active memorial site (thanks to Prof. Ruschak-Schneider for her great workshop on the personal in history and a guided tour of the school’s memorial site) with workshops at the Haus der Geschichte Österreich and the Jewish Museum in Vienna.


This provided a great framework for different “European histories” the students came up with in international groups. Back at home, all of them had collected personal stories of their (grand)parents and had prepared country profiles with facts concerning education, gender equality, migration and childhood. In Vienna, the students compared their different national backgrounds and worked on similarities and differences. They created short videos that they then presented to each other and to different classes of our school.