Erasmus – online exchange with Palma de Mallorca

From Monday, September 27th, to Thursday September 30th, six of our students took part in an online exchange with one of our partner schools. This time we worked together with a school in Palma de Mallorca. As the overall topic of our project is “sustainability” the focus was on “sustainable tourism” this time. In order to come up with possible solutions to making travelling more eco-friendly and more in line with the interests of the local population, we listened to various experts – including the mayor of Palma. We also watched a documentary and took part in a role play. At the end of our four day project we presented ideas on how to help the Balearic islands develop a form of tourism that respects the environment, nature as well as the local population.
Apart from gaining new insights, we had a lot of fun and got to know many people from all over Europe. We’re looking forward to the next exchange, hoping that we will be allowed to meet all the new friends we have made face-to-face in Germany.