Reading session with Judith Silverthorne (8DY, 8G)

On Nov. 2, 2021 Canadian author Judith Silverthorne visited our school to read from her book “Honouring the Buffalo: A Plains Cree Legend“ in our brand-new Robotics room. The Gymnasium am Augarten was one of two schools chosen by the Canadian Embassy in Vienna, who sponsored the reading.

Judith Silverthorne is an award-winning Canadian author of numerous books and she participates in the Berleburger Literaturpflaster this fall, which has been dedicated to the 2021 Canada’s Guest of Honour presentation at the Frankfurt Book Fair, supported by the Government of Canada and the Canada Council of the Arts.

“Honouring the Buffalo” is an all-ages picture book in English and Cree and gives an account of how important the buffalo were for the everyday way of life and survival of the North American Plains people. With beautiful illustrations and photographs, the book is suitable for any age group.

Judith featured readings from the book along with a PowerPoint presentation. Students could also look at and touch artefacts made from the buffalo.

After the reading students were encouraged to ask questions. They showed interest in the author’s collaboration with Ray Lavallee, a “guardian of wisdom and healing of the Cree First Nation”, in the writing process and in background information on Ray, Mike (the book’s illustrator) and his artwork, in herself and her writing career and general writing-related topics.