Erasmus+ Project Week to Algeciras, Spain (10th to 16th of March, 2024)

Day 1: Sunday – The day of arrival 

We spent the whole day travelling and arrived in Algeciras in the evening. We were picked up by our hosts, who welcomed us with open arms, went home and enjoyed some well-earned rest. 


Day 2: The Beginning 

First, we had a tour of the school and met our Spanish, Finnish and German partners. The school building in Algeciras is smaller than ours and the corridors are very narrow, but to compensate that, the school has an enormous outdoor area.  

After a guided tour through the school, we took part in ice-breaker games so that we could get to know each other better. We even got to try out a Flamenco class! 

In the early afternoon, we decided to go to the beach together and enjoy the sea.  


Day 3: City Tour 

On Tuesday, we did a tour of Algeciras, a lovely city that never lets you forget that you are right next to the beach. There aren’t many tall buildings, and most houses have a flat roof. We visited the townhouse, the port and the market, and enjoyed some tapas in the city centre.



Day 4: Tarifa and Dolphin Watching 

On the next day, we got a tour in the nearby city of Tarifa, where the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean meet. We saw the antique Roman ruins of Baelo Claudia and also had some time to buy some souvenirs in the old town centre. 

After the city tour, we went back to Algeciras and made a boat trip into the Strait of Gibraltar. It was a surreal experience to see Spanish, Moroccan and British territory at the same time. Without question, the highlight of the day were the dolphins, which we saw multiple times during our boat ride. 

Day 5: Gibraltar 

On our day trip to Gibraltar, we crossed the Spanish/British border on foot, saw macaques and climbed the Rock of Gibraltar. The way up was exhausting, but it was more than worth the trouble. By the end of the day, we had made approximately 27 000 steps! As you might expect, we were happy about a relaxed evening with our host families.  

Day 6: Adios amigos y gracias por todo! 

Our last day started with a beautiful concert and Flamenco show, which was organized by our hosts. Spanish students proudly performed Sevillanas (a type of Flamenco dance) and sang traditional songs. We played some games outside and received our certificates.    

Finally, we decided to enjoy our last evening together on the beach one last time. The weather was incredible, so we all dipped our toes in the refreshing water and collected seashells. On the next day, we had to wake up early and were a bit craggy when we arrived home. Nevertheless, Spain was an experience we would not want to miss at all!